MNF Precision Analytics™


Visualise and analyse your communications data 

MNF Precision Analytics™ gives you a complete picture of your voice services, with the ease and flexibility of web-based dashboards.

Designed for managers and executives, Precision Analytics makes it easy for you to access intelligence about how your business is communicating.

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MNF Precision Analytics - Advanced communications analytics and call reporting


Measure, track and report on everything


 Carrier grade data for call analytics and communications reporting

Carrier-grade data

Gain deep carrier-level data. Understand the cost drivers and usage patterns that are unique to your business.


 Build a complete picture of your voice service costs and usage with Precision Analytics

Complete transparency

Nothing is hidden. Explore fixed costs, inbound and outbound usage, excess usage, inventory - and more.


Visualise communications data with Precision Analytics 

Powerful dashboards

Simplify reporting. Web-based dashboards let you visualise, analyse and explore your communications data.


 Executive reporting and communications analytics

Oversight & control

Report on your organisation as a whole, or drill down to view usage and charges for specific departments and users.



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Precision Analytics Product Brochure

  • Access deep carrier-level data
  • Optimise analytics tools and reporting dashboards
  • Understand cost drivers and usage patterns

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