Pulse™ Call Surge Manager


Seamless overflow and inbound routing 

MyNetFone Pulse™ is an inbound call flow management tool, designed for organisations that experience sudden and volatile surges in call traffic.

With Pulse, you have direct, real-time control over your inbound call flows. So that when call volumes surge, you can respond with speed and precision.

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MNF Pulse - Advanced Inbound Call Avalanche Manager


Route and resolve trouble calls at extreme scale


Real-time management of call overflow and call avalanche 

Real time control

Within seconds you can overflow calls to an IVR menu, pre-recorded message or a secondary contact centre.


 Location based call routing to manage inbound call surges

Location-based routing

Handle calls differently depending on the caller’s location. Pulse verifies the origin of every landline or mobile contact.


SIP-based call avalanche management and advanced routing 

Zero infrastructure

Pulse can be deployed in weeks, over the top of your existing inbound services and SIP voice services.


 Call reporting integration with Pulse inbound call manager

Daily reports

Basic inbound reports are delivered daily via email. For deep reporting, add-on the Precision Analytics platform.


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  • Control inbound call flows and call routing in real time
  • Location-based call flows
  • Manage extreme call peaks

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