Non-profit community organisation future proofs their communication through Office 365


Industry: Non-profit

Challenge: Complex ICT infrastructure (200+ staff, 1800+ volunteers, 20+ sites)

Result: Simplified ICT and future proof communication thanks to Microsoft Office 365

Key benefit: All sites and devices connected in the cloud


About Sacred Heart Mission

Sacred Heart, based in St Kilda Victoria, offers more than 20 programs and services tailored to those who are experiencing homelessness, disadvantage and social exclusion. Providing everything from meals and crisis accommodation through to counselling and employment training, Sacred Heart has been a community staple since beginning in 1982 and served over 125,000 meals through their program last year.


Cloud technology is critical to Sacred Heart’s daily operations. With over 1,800 volunteers and close to 200 employees, they face the challenge of operating at enterprise scale with the limited resources and budget of a not-for-profit.

Cloud technology has helped to centralise and simplify IT in many parts of their business. It also gives them the flexibility to scale up, and down, as their budget and requirements change. However, there was no solution available to migrate their phone services to the cloud – until MNF Enterprise.

As part of their move to the cloud, Sacred Heart were already using Office 365 to underpin their back-office operations. It was a familiar tool for their staff, and included the calling capabilities of Skype for Business, and the collaboration features of Microsoft Teams, which helped volunteers and staff to stay connected across 20+ locations.

With Office 365 at the heart of their organisation, it made sense to adopt a cloud calling solution built upon the Microsoft platform.

In theory, the Office 365 cloud PBX solution is included with the Office 365 E5 license (or as an add-on for E1 and E3 licenses). However, in practice, cloud calling requires an on-premise gateway to link Office 365, the enterprise’s telecom provider and the PSTN. For Sacred Heart, this complex, infrastructure-heavy approach went against their desire for simpler, cloud-based communication.

Working with MNF Enterprise, Sacred Heart were able to achieve their vision of simpler, cloud-based, Microsoft-centric calling. This was made possible by Cloud Connect, a pure cloud solution to enable internal and external voice calling via Office 365.

The approach has proved cost-effective and futureproof. Since Cloud Connect leverages the PBX capabilities of Office 365, Sacred Heart are able to extract even more value from their existing Microsoft licenses – with no need for additional phone systems.

What were the outcomes?

As part of this cloud calling solution, all of Sacred Heart’s phone numbers were transferred to the MNF Enterprise cloud platform, allowing users to make and receive calls via any device connected to O365. Numbers work as normal, but can now ring mobiles, tablets and softphone-enabled computers. This empowers their often-mobile workforce to be linked to the wider organisation, eliminating silos while emphasising teamwide collaboration.

“MNF Enterprise have understood the needs of Sacred Heart Mission and provided advice, support and a solution that aligns to our ICT strategy of transitioning into the cloud,” said Gavin More, ICT Manager of Sacred Heart.


By choosing MNF Enterprise to enable O365 for Unified Communications, Sacred Heart were able to simplify their ICT, get rid of legacy phone systems and unlock the full potential of their existing Microsoft services, all without the need for on-premise infrastructure.

Moreover, staff can now use Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams to communicate internally - and externally - from anywhere, on any device, to any location. The ability for worldwide calling via the MNF Enterprise voice network not only supports future growth for the organisation, but also helps Sacred Heart to deliver better services to the people and communities at the heart of its mission.

“We now have the mobility we need across multiple devices, desktops, mobile phones and iPads with MNF Enterprise’s voice service and Skype for Business. Following the initial pilot, we are now migrating all services and sites to this solution, and porting our phone numbers into MNF Enterprise’s cloud platform.”


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