EMM web-based portal removes the complexities of managing your mobile services account


1 August 2019



Enterprise Mobile Management empowers organisations to manage mobile services entirely in-house. Order, provision, administer and support mobile services across hundreds or thousands of users, without contacting your account manager.


Companies at the enterprise level increasingly require the freedom to self-manage their mobile services, yet too often are forced to interact with suppliers if they want to provision or change services or add any extra features, while also being made to wait in contact centre queues when trying to communicate with customer service staff.


Enterprise Mobile Management fulfils both of these needs by allowing our enterprise customers to self-manage mobile services through our portal and take advantage of our integrated customer service portal at the same time.


Every user. Every department. Centralised control.

By enabling in-house service management, Enterprise Mobile Management eliminates the delays and silos that compound your service management costs. The intuitive interface brings together ordering, billing, provisioning, support and reporting all in one place:

• Order and activate new services
• Change, move and suspend services
• Turn on roaming and other features
• Bulk-change and migrate services
• Drop-ship to office sites
• See real-time billing
• See historical billing and usage
• Report on departments and staff
• Report on SIM inventory
• Access live web support


Streamline mobile service admin

Manage mobile services according to your unique org structure – departments, sub-teams and office sites – with the flexibility to evolve on demand. Integrated reporting ensures that charges are automatically billed to the correct department, and usage is automatically attributed to the right staff member and team.


Understand your mobile spending

Powerful dashboards visualise trends and outliers, while robust deep-dive reports enable proactive cost management. Easily identify excessive use and idle inventory. Generate reports based on time, date, service type and more. Drill down through your organisation to report on specific departments and even individual users.


Seamless customer experience

Create and manage support tickets directly within the Enterprise Mobile Management interface. Enjoy fast and responsive issue resolution, backed by transparent, real-time reporting. You’re never left wondering and waiting. Enterpris Mobile Management is deeply integrated with the MNF network and automated carrier systems, enabling any changes or orders to be made live almost instantly.