MNF Enterprise signs first Australian customer to Cisco's Webex Calling platform


2 May 2019



MNF Enterprise is the first globally to sign a customer outside of the US to Cisco's Webex Calling platform.


MNF Enterprise is the first to market globally with a customer outside of the US live on Cisco's Webex Calling cloud-based phone system platform.


The service is offered under Cisco’s cloud subscription model, providing customers with an all-inclusive user license covering software, upgrades, and ongoing platform support.


MNF Enterprise is the first Australian telco to launch and sell Cisco Webex Calling. Cliftons - who provide venues for conferences, training and corporate events, international event solutions, and advanced workplace solutions - have signed on to be MNF’s first customer of Webex Calling.


Webex Calling will help customers capitalise on the efficiencies of moving their telephony services to the cloud. It provides a feature-rich Cloud PBX platform which can be combined with Webex Meetings for a complete integrated collaboration experience, with future options to integrate Cisco’s Customer Journey Platform Contact Centre.


“Cliftons have always been an early technology adopter offering our venue and workplace clients the advantages of cutting-edge technologies, from virtual collaboration and learning spaces to adjustable zone temperature and lighting controls. We are pleased to be showcasing the latest in technology with cloud calling and to be the first Cisco Webex Calling client to be deployed in Australia. MNF Enterprise was the only provider able to deliver on our goal to reduce on-premise infrastructure and complexity,” said Robert Boehmer, Cliftons’ Chief of Operations.


A staged migration across twelve Cliftons sites in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore to transition from their on-premise telephony to Webex Calling is underway.


“With the end of traditional PSTN and ISDN services, companies in Australia are looking for ways to not just update their on-premise infrastructure but to transition to the cloud and benefit from the higher service availability, and mobility that cloud technology delivers. Webex Calling and the Cisco cloud subscription model supports customers in this transition,” MNF Enterprise General Manager, Enterprise and Government, Greg Round explains.


Peter Self, Cisco’s Director of Collaboration commented: “The significance of cloud calling is that it accelerates for customers the access to market-leading innovation, driven by Cisco’s ongoing R&D investment. It is fantastic to have such an experienced telecommunications provider like MNF Enterprise leading with Webex Calling in Australia. We are very excited to offer Australian businesses the opportunity to stop worrying about the expense and complexity of managing a phone system infrastructure. We take care of the Webex Calling so our customers can focus on what matters most.”


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