Unlock big data with Precision Analytics


23 November 2017



MNF Enterprise has launched an advanced call analytics and visualisation tool that helps its enterprise and government customers interpret the ‘big data’ made available through their telephone call information.


Advanced reporting

Precision Analytics was designed to unlock the important business information that was once too difficult and uneconomical to access. The tool provides answers to key productivity and budget questions, providing the insights in an easy-to-understand report.


It can identify geographic call distribution, track inbound and outbound phone calls, analyse voice service costs, visualise call trends and more. This information can help senior managers and executives identify peak traffic times and plan call centre rosters.


Other telco reporting platforms rely on raw data to answer their productivity and budget questions. However, sifting through this data to find helpful information can be a long and arduous process. Precision analytics does the hard work for you, providing detailed call information so enterprises know how their voice service is being used and how their budget is being spent.


Precision Analytics can be accessed and managed via an online portal. Users can customise the web-based dashboard, so that the reports are always displaying the most relevant data. The platform is available in conjunction with the MNF Enterprise voice solutions, SIP trunks or hosted phone systems.