Pulse: Award winning inbound call manager


23 November 2017



Pulse is an enterprise-level call management solution designed to ease the pressure placed on call centres during times of crisis. Pulse intelligently manages and disperses surges in call traffic, based on the location or requirement of each call.


The problem

Due to unexpected events like natural disasters, power outages or other major emergencies, government agencies and utility services often experience sudden and unpredictable peaks in call traffic. These increases cause congestion and swamp the staff on duty, making it hard for anyone to get through.


The solution

Major service-affecting events can usually be isolated to a specific region. And during an outage you can expect a lot of people from an affected area to be calling their provider to find out the cause of the problem, and when it will be fixed.


Pulse identifies the location of an incoming call, and if it’s coming from an area known to be experiencing issues, the call centre manager on duty can set a pre-recorded message to notify these people of the problem, and when it will be rectified. The caller is then given the option to stay on the line and speak to an operator if they wish.



This information is enough to satisfy the majority of incoming enquiries, which gives affected customers an immediate answer to their question opens up the call centre staff for regular enquiries.


Another useful feature is the overflow function. When a call centre is experiencing a high-volume of regular traffic, a manager on duty can log on to the self-manage portal and redirect some of the overflows to a neighbouring call centre that isn’t yet at capacity.


How does it work?

Pulse uses Mobile Origination Location Information (MoLI) technology to identify where a mobile call is originating from. MoLI locates the mobile phone tower giving a number coverage at a specific time. This information is processed by Pulse to identify whether it’s calling from within an affected area. Pulse can also identify the area code from local numbers to determine the origin of a home phone or business number.


The Pulse solution can be easily adjusted through the online portal. Giving our customers control lets the manager on duty make changes in seconds, as soon as an emergency occurs. The Pulse solution comes with a list of optional pre-set voice messages as well as the option to record your own messages for specific events or emergencies.


Like all of MNF’s innovative voice solutions, Pulse was developed in-house by our R&D team. So successful has the solution been, Pulse took out the 2017 ACOMMs Award for Vendor Innovation, Emerging.