Virtual Fax


14 August 2019



Fax is a legacy technology, but one that many organisations still heavily rely on today. Our new Virtual Fax service lets you keep your number when moving to the NBN, while delivering a modern, cloud-based solution.


Fax is still important – and in some cases, even essential - to many businesses where physical documents need to be sighted and signed. Knowing that, we make it easy for you to upgrade your fax service to one that future-proofs your company and keeps your fax number.


Based on customer feedback, we’ve now introduced several improved features into our fax offering that helps to make your faxing experience easier.


How our Virtual Fax works

The process of sending a fax is now as simple as sending an email, with the ability to fax either straight from your inbox or through our dedicated fax portal. Outgoing faxes are sent as normal and incoming documents are received as PDFs on your email, meaning you can receive communications on the go and easily share them around your team.


Our Virtual Fax service allows you to receive faxes on multiple numbers that will get delivered to the same inbox. For outbound faxes, however, you must nominate a single number from which the fax will be sent.


Virtual Fax can now also support a branded cover page for your company, saving you time in having to create this manually.


What devices can it be used on?

We know that today’s businesses are both more mobile and more varied in terms of the equipment they use. To be as accessible as possible, faxes can be sent from either your email service or through our online fax portal.


You don’t have to install any special software for it to work, as the Virtual Fax service can now be used on any device, be it a computer, tablet or mobile.


If you’d prefer to keep your fax machine, our Virtual Fax Adaptor can be plugged into your existing fax machine, giving you freedom with familiarity. All it needs is an internet connection to work.


Here’s a step by step guide of how to use the new Virtual Fax service:


Sending faxes via email 


Format the email address

All faxes are sent out through the following format: {Faxnumber}


{Faxnumber} is the fax number of the receiver – just the number, nothing else. You will need to include the area code with the full fax, and for international dialling, please use the full prefix or “0011” without the “+” symbol.


Auto-generate cover page

When sending an email fax, the content you put in the body of the email will automatically form the cover page of the fax being sent. If you want to send a fax without a cover page, you can do this by keeping the ‘subject’ field and the body of the email empty (this includes removing all signatures and confidentiality statements).


The following table outlines what is changed from the email to the fax:

Source data Resulting cover sheet data

Email "To:" {Faxnumber}

"To:" field

Fax Server "Account Name"

"From:" field

Email "Subject" line

"Subject:" field

Email "Body" text

Cover page text

Email "Signature"

Cover page text


Attach any additional documents…

You can attach documents just like you do with regular emails. Our software automatically turns email attachments into fax images, with the cover page on top and each page of the attachment following on from this. Virtual Fax supports Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Tiff images, PDF documents and text files as valid file formats for attachments.


…and you’re done!

All fax notifications will be sent through to your registered email address. Likewise, a notification will be provided for fax delivery failures, so make sure to read any failure notices to better understand what went wrong.


Sending faxes via fax machine adaptor


Turn off any existing printed fax notifications

You won’t need printed notifications as our software will automatically email you to confirm the fax is sent or notify you if it cannot be sent.


Set fax machine to auto answer…

Auto answer ensures that faxes can get automatically delivered to your machine without you having to take any additional action.


…and you’re done!

The fax adaptor means you send faxes just as you normally would, but from the ease of your own machine. The only unique steps you have to follow are the two above – apart from that, you just fax as you always have done!